Last Saturday. Animation.

We had a splendid time on Saturday making animations. Working together as a big group first of all and then in smaller groups.
The results were brilliant.

Some animations are missing from this post due to upload difficulties - if you'd like them uploaded another time please let me know.

New Dates Added

There are new Saturday Drawing dates on the Upcoming Sessions page in the right-hand column. -------------------->

The Yurt Cafe.

From this Saturday we will be offering Lunch Club after Saturday Drawing! We're aware that some Saturday Drawing devotees travel a long way for the classes and we've always felt bad sending you away with only biscuits in your belly. So we've hit on the answer . . .  photo PB202845_zpscbf77e13.jpgWe will be offering a lunch in The Yurt. It will be a simple (but ample) vegetarian lunch served in  superb surroundings by our dear friend Faye at the very reasonable price of £5. She's hosted such events before and they've always been wonderful. photo PB192807_zps9fc68366.jpgIt will be a good chance to talk together more informally and build on the friendships and creative alliances we've all been forging these past years. photo PB202852_zpse5eef6b7.jpgIf you would like to join us for lunch we only ask that you tell us ahead of time so we have an idea of numbers, you can do this when you book your Saturday Drawing session. We also welcome friends, family and acquaintances for lunch too - just let us know.
So there you have it! Exciting developments, hope you can all make it.