I've been printing my flyers and invites to the grand opening today and yesterday, I think they've turned out pretty nice.

I letterpressed the text on an Adana press and made stamps for the images.

The set up of the shop is really coming along and the stock keeps pouring in from various outlets. Here are some sneak previews.

The chairs in this picture came out of a local school and are really very elegant, better than anything I remember sitting on in my school years. Ready on the table is a hearty meal of eye-baths, buttons and Matchbox lorries.

 I try to categorise things in the way a museum might, on this shelf are examples of glassware from antique to relatively modern.


Wunderkammer is a German word describing a cabinet of curiosities or a place where a collection of rarities is exhibited. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_curiosities).
My aim is to provide goods for people to buy that are unusual and intriguing and, where possible, useful too.

Wunderkammer is soon to be a shop.

Hello there,
This is the first post for Wunderkammer, a shop in Arlesey, Bedfordshire.
This blog will be a means of advertising and of chronicling the best things I find as I trawl through sheds, auctions and car boot sales.
I take great joy in finding unusual and attractive objects and in meeting like-minded people. This shop should allow me to do both while supporting myself and giving me time to do other things I like, which is mostly drawing and printing.
Wunderkammer will be up and running in early December. The opening hours will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 7pm.

So far I'm in the process of setting up. I had a lot of help this weekend from Rosalie Schweiker of the Emely Institute (www.emely.wikispaces.com).
We got up at 6am, before sunrise, for a couple of car boot sales, browsing by torchlight, and spent the rest of the day having a good clear up.