Our regular Saturday Drawing sessions have now drawn to a close.
A big thank you to everyone who came along to our drawing sessions, we've enjoyed ourselves so much over the years. And thank you to everyone who came to the final session for a triumphant goodbye with baked potatoes.
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Jane and Jo

Feb 14th, composition up to the edge

Looking at the shapes of pictures, making balance in a frame.

January 17th - Drawing right up to the edge

Drawing right up to the edges of the paper

Thinking about pattern

Drawing with two pens.

Inspiration for squares drawing: Wendy's jumper.

December, 2014

You heard of that Oscars selfie? well we've topped it with our Satruday drawing selfie, it's going to go viral any minute now.
December's session - making hats and alternative nativities.

November, 2014

Taking the term 'warm-up exercise' literally - running around.
Still lives with pencil